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Welcome to Healing Spring Acupuncture Center

andrea-friedman-ishikawaWhere experience truly mattersMitzi-North-Labant

Acupuncturists Andrea Friedman Ishikawa and Mitzi North Labant have over 60 years of combined experience in treating patients. They will help restore and replenish your health in a safe and relaxing environment, through the use of gentle acupuncture, herbs, diet and lifestyle guidance. You will find ways to bring all aspects of your life into balance. Open 7 days a week, Healing Spring is conveniently located on Chicago's North Shore in Glenview, Illinois.

Healing Spring Acupuncture Center was established in 2002 and specializes in the treatment of:

• Pain-Related Problems • Infertility •
• Anxiety • Depression • Stress • Facial Rejuvenation •
(Nambudridpad's Allergy Elimination Technique)

Other health issues that we have treated successfully using Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbs include: 

• Immune System • Digestive Problems • Headaches • Menopausal Syndrome •
• PCOS • PMS • Insomnia • Tennis Elbow • Sciatica • Shingles •
• Bell's Palsy • Chronic Fatigue • Fibromyalgia •Andrea-Friedman-Ishikawa copy