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"I've known Mitzi now for over 15 years!  The first treatment was after an auto collision.  Needles inserted and the next minute I felt the tension melt off of my back.  I had absolutely no remnants of what should have been whiplash!   Amazing!

Mitzi has treated me in the last several years for anxiety, digestive issues (which cleared up within 12 hours!), hot flashes (that have dissipated) and general wellness.  She is an exceptional healer.  She is now treating my mother for post concussion issues.  My mom is finding relief!

I can recommend Mitzi with the highest of confidence!"

      -Melinda, Age 61, Glenview, IL

"I have been coming to Healing Spring for about 8 years.  I have several autoimmune diseases and my body reacted to just about every food and element outside.  Andrea, Mitzi and Dawn have been a tremendous help in overcoming my immune system and retraining my body to not attack itself.  They heave helped me to understand my conditions and have given me many natural ways to address my issues and to support my overall health.  Dawn has been a great addition to the practice with her genuine curiosity to find ways to ways to help me in my daily functioning.  Dawn does a great job in listening to my struggles with pain and inflammation and figuring out how to reduce them.  She has a great sense of humor and energy that puts you at ease and a determination to  find the right treatment."

     -Kim, Age 49, Plainfield, IL

"Andrea & I started working together to treat a non-union elbow fracture.  We went on to work with menopause, allergies, and arthritis, as well as assisting in my recovery following major surgery.  My arm is functional, hot flashes minimal & surgical scar looks great. Thank you Andrea, Mitzi, & Cynthia!"

-Stacey, Age 52, Wheeling, IL

"I first met Mitzi North Labant in August of 1986 and since that time have depended upon her calm, knowledgeable and precise use of acupuncture to help me through a variety of health problems.  She is a thorough professional, spiritually and medically grounded, whose work enhances allopathic medical practices.  Her comprehensive understanding of the complex energies that make up the human organism is basic to her diagnosis and treatment.  Her needling technique is gentle and exact.  Mitzi has helped me deal with a rare cancer of the conjunctiva, with pain caused by a shattered humerus, with respiratory and digestive problems, as well as with shingles (in acupuncture, they “surround the dragon”). "

-Astri, Age 82, Evanston, IL

"I have been receiving acupuncture at Healing Spring since the office opened.  Mitzi is very attentive, supportive and knowledgeable.  I received NAET treatments which helped clear my allergic responses.  The acupuncture treatments I have received through Healing Spring have kept my body healthy and balanced."

-Chris, Age 50, Mt. Prospect, IL

"I could barely walk, I needed to use a cane.  I went to my internist who sent me to a neurologist and then a neurosurgeon.  I had 5 MRI's a CT scan, a bone scan and a surgical biopsy plus numerous blood tests.  I was sent for physical therapy which did not seem to help.  None of these doctors made a diagnosis.  Finally I decided to try acupuncture.  A friend of mine recommended Healing Spring Acupuncture Center where I met Dawn.  She started treating me and after a few visits I started to notice a difference.  I began to walk better and have continued to improve.  I put the cane in the closet and for the first time in months I have hope and feel good.  With doing stretching exercises along with Dawn's treatment, I am walking almost normally."

-Maggie, Age 80, Northfield, IL

"Dawn did not know how many acupuncture treatments I have had in my life, and she is one of the best. I would like to follow her where ever she is going to practice."

-Junko, Age 49, Chicago, IL

"Dawn's knowledge and deft treatments mean the world to me."

-Regina, Age 53, Chicago, IL

"Dawn has been instrumental in my healing journey since I started going to her for Acupuncture in July 2018,  She takes a great deal of time to understand me as an individual, instead of just treating the symptoms.  Since going to Dawn I've made a great progress with reducing my Sinusitis, Yeast/BV, Digestive/Bloating issues and anxiety.  I would highly recommend Dawn for any health issues you may be dealing with!"

      -Elyssa, Age 39, Glenview, IL