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"Andrea & I started working together to treat a non-union elbow fracture.  We went on to work with menopause, allergies, and arthritis, as well as assisting in my recovery following major surgery.  My arm is functional, hot flashes minimal & surgical scar looks great. Thank you Andrea, Mitzi, & Cynthia!"

-Stacey, Age 52, Wheeling, IL

"I have been receiving acupuncture at Healing Spring since the office opened.  Both Mitzi and Andrea are very attentive, supportive and knowledgeable.  I received NAET treatments which helped clear my allergic responses.  The acupuncture treatments I have received through Healing Spring have kept my body healthy and balanced."

-Chris, Age 50, Mt. Prospect, IL

"Acupuncture is a wonderful and ancient therapy which produces terrific results!  In the 15 years that I have been with Andrea Friedman Ishikawa, I have benefited greatly from this procedure as well as the others which she has employed for my benefit.  As a result of her expertise, I have avoided surgery and other costly and invasive medical treatments.  Her kind and caring manner, love for profession, calming aura, and immediate and long term results are the reasons I look forward to my next appointment.

-Sharon, Age 65, Evanston, IL

"I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Andrea Friedman Ishikawa at Healing Spring Acupuncture Center for several years.  My initial interest in acupuncture was as adjunctive therapy for my Parkinson’s disease, specifically for episodes of muscle spasms. Acupuncture has helped keep those under control and has also contributed to my general well-being.  In addition, it has been valuable in the management of other short-term issues as they have arisen.  I am specifically pleased with the care at Healing Spring, for the professionalism, and for the personal attention that accompanies the treatments."

-Michael, Age 77, Evanston, IL

"We have been coming to Cynthia after my husband had a stroke.  From the very first visit, you get a warm and welcoming feeling. It's almost been a year that we've been seeing Cynthia and the acupuncture has helped him through his post-stroke anxiety and depression.  There is such an improvement that could not have been achieved without acupuncture.  We highly recommend Cynthia for your acupuncture needs."

-Richard, Age 68, and Jacqueline, Chicago, IL

"My life-long fear of needles prevented me from trying acupuncture sooner; however, Cynthia's knowledge, gentle touch and calm demeanor put me at ease. Her extensive knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine further enhances the effectiveness of her practice. Acupuncture with Cynthia has provided me relief from chronic conditions such as back/neck pain, itching and digestive issues, that Western medicine alone could not."

-Natalie, Age 48 , Northbrook, IL

"I first met Mitzi North Labant in August of 1986 and since that time have depended upon her calm, knowledgeable and precise use of acupuncture to help me through a variety of health problems.  She is a thorough professional, spiritually and medically grounded, whose work enhances allopathic medical practices.  Her comprehensive understanding of the complex energies that make up the human organism is basic to her diagnosis and treatment.  Her needling technique is gentle and exact.  Mitzi has helped me deal with a rare cancer of the conjunctiva, with pain caused by a shattered humerus, with respiratory and digestive problems, as well as with shingles (in acupuncture, they “surround the dragon”). "

-Astri, Age 82, Evanston, IL